A full service contract manufacturer is far more than a production and packaging subcontractor : it is a partner you can rely on for development, support and consult. Wolfs can help you from raw material to finished product.

Product Development

Wolfs can offer complete product development for the launch of a new project. This starts with the selection of high quality raw materials.

Quality Control

Products can be tested in house for uniformity of mass, hardness, friability disintegration, content, purity and dissolution. For microbiology and some specialized tests, we cooperate with accredited laboratories within the EU.

Product Transfer

Product transfer from one CMO to another one,might be quite complicated and time consuming. Somethimes the real product composition or the manufacturing flow is not evident.

Regulatory Documentation

Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products have to comply with a series of European and national regulations. As both sectors are significantly different, Wolfs provides regulatory support on both levels.

Stability Testing

At a new product launch, one has to be sure to have the necessary data to support expiration dating on product labels.

Lab Scale Production

A new customer idea, derived from market input or literature, has to be concretized on a small scale first.