In a 6000m² plant with a logic lay-out the production activities are setup in clear sub-divisions: - warehousing raw materials - weighing - mixing, milling and granulating - tablet compressing - capsule filling - coating - primary and secondary packaging - final release - expedition.

Sugar Coating

Sugar coating still is a multistep process. Its is more labour intensive than film coating and requires specific operator skills.


Powders can be an intermediate production step or can be a finished dosage form. Sometimes the active ingredients only require a blending step. In specific cases, an additional granulation and drying step might be necessary.


Tablets are the most common used dosage form and are manufactured by applying high pressure on a powder mixture. This powder mixture consists of several active ingredients, selected by Wolfs or the customer, and other excipients.


Coatings can be applied on both capsules as tablets for several reasons :tastemasking,patient comfort, improving visual aspect, protection of active ingredients against moisture and temperature, delayed release of active ingredients, …

Lab Scale Production

Wolfs has a lab-scale coater which allows us to test and select an appropriate coating for new products on a small scale. This allows us to produce sample tablets in a fast and efficient way, ideal for the launch of a new project.


Both for tablets and for capsules, coatings can be applied for an enhanced consumer ease or a targeted and more efficient release of active ingredient.


Capsules are a commonly used dosage form in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry. Formulations for filling into capsules need only small amounts of excipients to ensure a good powder flow into the capsules.