Quality Control

Products can be tested in house for uniformity of mass, hardness, friability disintegration, content, purity and dissolution. For microbiology and some specialized tests, we cooperate with accredited laboratories within the EU.

In-house laboratory

Next to the co-operation with some of the best laboratories in Belgium and Europe, we have our own in-house laboratory. Our people guarantee that the quality can be assured regarding raw materials, the work-in-progress and  the end products. In every step of the process samples are taken and tested by our laboratory. Upon request, we are able to deliver certificates on every batch that leaves our warehouse. Continuous investments are made on both the equipment and the formation of our employees, making sure Wolfs stays ahead of competition with regard to quality.

Integrity and transparency


Sound cooperation is based upon mutual respect and confidence. As we have to work with confidential and somethimes sensitive customer information, integrity is paramaount at Wolfs.

Opposite, customers can expect full transparency in what we do and what challenges we are confronted with: we never will implement changes without previously informing the customer.

Visits at our premises, technical audits and open communication lines contribute to a long term relationship.

Quality Control is our motto
In house laboratory
Integrity and transparancy
Food quality and safety
CoA available upon request

We would like to convince you

We would like to convince you

We can be your partner as a Contract Manufacturer in both the pharmaceutical and the nutraceutical industry. We can develop and produce your product from Raw Material to Finished Product.

With the help of the European Social Fund, we can offer his employees well-formed educations.