Product Transfer

Product transfer from one CMO to another one,might be quite complicated and time consuming.

Somethimes the real product composition or the manufacturing flow is not evident.

However, such hurdless should not discourage you to take the right decission when needed.

With our regulatory department we can contribute to organize such transition in a relaible way and a realistic timeframe. Pilot scale tests and drafting validation protocols can be organized where needed.

Regulatory affairs

R&D department

R & D afdeling 

Wolfs is an experienced player
Let Wolfs be your guide for a product transfer
In-house regulatory department
In-house R&D department
Lab scale testing for mixing, tabletting and coating
Product transfer

We would like to convince you

We would like to convince you

We can be your partner as a Contract Manufacturer in both the pharmaceutical and the nutraceutical industry. We can develop and produce your product from Raw Material to Finished Product.

With the help of the European Social Fund, we can offer his employees well-formed educations.