Product Development

Wolfs can offer  complete product development for the launch of a new project. This starts with the selection of high quality raw materials. After selecting the most appropriate excipients in the smallest quantities possible, an appropriate coating can be selected in order to improve the appearance or stability of the product.

We can organize stability monitoring at all ICH conditions on your behalf. Non satisfying results will lead to adjustments in tablet core or coating formula improving the visual aspect or stability of the product.

After product development, large scale production can be set up, assuring the delivery of only the highest level of quality to our customers.

R&D Department

Our R&D Department consists  out of several pharmacists , supported by a team in our internal laboratory. Regular investments were made in state-of-the-art lab scale equipment to organize small scale tests. This enables us n to reduce risks during production set up to a minimum, but also to minimize the development time. For specific applications, we developed several new coatings with an emphasys on natural colors and -ingredients.

Ongoing improvements

Besides support at new product launches, we follow general  market tendencies and propose improvements of existing products whenever possible.These improvements might consider novel raw materials or exipients but also alternative production methods , contributing to better product behaviour. 

Product development
New projects and existing products
Selection of raw materials (food regulation)
Stability monitoring at all ICH conditions
Clear label

We would like to convince you

We would like to convince you

We can be your partner as a Contract Manufacturer in both the pharmaceutical and the nutraceutical industry. We can develop and produce your product from Raw Material to Finished Product.

With the help of the European Social Fund, we can offer his employees well-formed educations.