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From raw material to finished product

Regulatory documentation

Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products have to comply with a series of European and national regulations. As both sectors are significantly different, Wolfs provides regulatory support on both levels.

Product Development

Wolfs can offer complete product development for the launch of a new project. This starts with the selection of high quality raw materials.


In a 6000m² plant with a logic lay-out the production activities are setup in clear sub-divisions: - warehousing raw materials - weighing - mixing, milling and granulating - tablet compressing - capsule filling - coating - primary and secondary packagi


Wolfs offers a “full service approach” where you can outsource besides the production, the entire packaging operation from primary, over secondary to tertiary packaging, including the addition of leaflets and inserts, the stapling in trays and the prin

Quality Control

Products can be tested in house for uniformity of mass, hardness, friability disintegration, content, purity and dissolution. For microbiology and some specialized tests, we cooperate with accredited laboratories within the EU.

Our certificates, your guarantee

Quality is made by people. Certificates and the under laying procedures are a first step to help people to achieve quality. Wolfs made efforts to obtain and maintain the following certificates:
EU GMP certified for human and veterinary products
EU GMP certified for IMP
Authorisation for manufacturing of food supplements
Organic production certificate
Halal Certificate

We would like to convince you

We would like to convince you

We can be your partner as a Contract Manufacturer in both the pharmaceutical and the nutraceutical industry. We can develop and produce your product from Raw Material to Finished Product.

With the help of the European Social Fund, we can offer his employees well-formed educations.